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...Request A Repeat Prescription at Llanfair Surgery?

If the doctor decides you need regular medication these items will be added to your repeat prescription list.
Most prescriptions are for a 28 days supply, we recommend that you re-order at day 21.
You will be given a repeat prescription request slip.

There are 4 ways to request a repeat prescription:

  • Order from your own computer at home (or wherever you are in the world!) - register for My Health On-line.
  • Tick the items you require on the list.
  • The local pharmacy collects repeat prescriptions from the surgery. Please tell us if you want your prescription to go straight to the pharmacy.
  • If you enclose a stamped addressed envelope, the prescription will be posted to you.

If you haven’t got or have mislaid your repeat slip write your name, date of birth, contact telephone number, list the items you require and where you will collect it on a piece of paper.

Put your request slip in the box in the waiting room or through the post box if the surgery is closed.
Fax your request to 01248 715826
Post your request to the surgery, we recommend you post your slip at day 18 if using second class post.
On-line using My Health On-line. Please visit the surgery to register for My Health On-line.

We do not take requests for repeat prescriptions over the telephone- the potential for mistakes is too high.
Please do not request repeat prescription items when consulting your doctor or nurse. It takes up valuable surgery time, detracting from active patient care.

Plan ahead!

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a sufficient supply of repeat medications. This is especially true during weekends and public holidays. Make sure you check your medicine supply regularly.

Help us to help you!

Your prescription will be ready to collect 48 working hours from when you requested it. If you want to collect your medication from the Llanfair pharmacy allow 72 hours.

This statement often leads to confusion especially as we have several ways that you can order your medications! For example if a request slip is placed in the box in the surgery at 5pm on Tuesday we are not open at 5pm on Thursday. Thursday morning may be too soon for you to collect so we suggest you stick to the following turnaround times:

  • Requested Saturday Sunday Monday collect Thursday before 2pm
  • Requested Tuesday collect Friday
  • Requested Wednesday collect Monday
  • Requested Thursday collect Tuesday
  • Requested Friday collect Wednesday

We do not prepare repeat prescriptions when the surgery is closed and we do not have staff working Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.

If you have made a genuine mistake and have run out of medication we will always try and help. When the surgery is closed you will need to contact the out-of-hours service.

Why do we need 48 working hours to prepare your medication?

When a request is made your computer medical records are consulted to see if you are due for a review and to check the items you have requested are still on your repeat medication list.
If your review is due the doctor is asked if the repeat can safely be given before you need to be seen.
If items requested are not on your repeat medication list the doctor will need to review your medical record.
The doctors spend time reviewing repeat prescriptions requests at the end of morning surgery, sometimes the doctor may be running late or have unpredictable emergencies or home visits to deal with which can delay the process.
Problems occur if the hospital has changed your medication and we have not yet been informed. Sometimes discharge information and outpatient letters do not arrive as quickly as we would like!

Our staff!

Please be assured our staff are following practice procedures. They are here to help you. Please ask if you have any queries about your medications or the repeat prescribing process.


Medicines are expensive for the NHS. Please only order the items you need!
Remember to order items earlier when there is a public holiday especially at Easter and Christmas.
The packaging/branding of drugs will vary from time to time although the medication will be the same as prescribed. If you are on repeat medication please

  • Ensure you attend the review with the doctor annually or sooner as agreed under your treatment programme
  • Take your medicine exactly as the doctor prescribed
  • Finish the course, unless the doctor tells you otherwise
  • Read the label carefully, and make sure you understand the instructions on the package before you leave the pharmacy
  • Keep medicines out of the reach of children
  • Do not share your medicines with other members of your family or friends
  • Do not take or save old medicines; return them to the pharmacy for disposal.
    Most people have no or few side effects from their medicine. However, if you feel that your medicine is causing you unusual effects see the doctor.

What happens when a hospital doctor changes your medication?

From an outpatients appointment. The hospital doctor will write to the surgery if there are any changes to be made to your medication. The surgery will phone you when the doctor has reviewed the letter and the prescription is ready for you to collect. Sometimes the hospital doctor will give you a ‘Non-urgent prescribing request’ to bring to the surgery within 7 days. We need 48 hours to get this new prescription ready for you.

On discharge from hospital. The hospital ward clerk will send a discharge notification to the surgery advising us what medications you have been given to come home and any changes to your repeat medication. When you need more you can either request a repeat slip and tick the items you need or write your name, date of birth, contact telephone number and list the items you require on a piece of paper.

If you are unsure or need guidance please phone the surgery. We are here to help you.

Wherever you are
Whatever the time……with My Health On-line

You can use the internet to request a repeat prescription

Before you can start using My Health On-line, you must register your details at reception. You will then be provided with PIN numbers to register online and set up your account.

Your information is safe

Your personal details are protected using the highest standards of internet security to prevent them being intercepted. It is your responsibility to keep your details safe. Only you and the surgery are able to see this information.

Book appointments

You can also use My Health On-line to book appointments even when the surgery is closed.
If you have any further enquiries please ask at reception.



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